Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Madonna Shows Us What Celebrity Moms are Good At

You just can’t keep clothes on Madonna! Leave it to her to create a stir over clothing.
According to MSNBC, Madonna moons audience at Rome concert after she flashed a nipple last week in Istanbul.
The pop star’s wardrobe non-malfunctions both occurred during her song "Human Nature."
Of course there are outraged people all over the place. But not so much for the fact she exposed herself—more because of her age. How dare a 53-year-old woman and mom of four subject people to seeing that?
The icon was criticized in some corners for showing her breast in Istanbul last week during the striptease routine. "What works for a 22-year-old woman or a man is not appropriate, very often, for a 53-year-old," Donny Deutsch complained on TODAY recently. At his, Dr. Nancy Snyderman sniffed. "Not special," she said. "Not a special breast, not worth doing."
I’m kind of hoping that these comments may push Madonna to strip it all off completely!
I find it much more fascinating and provoking to have an aging pop legend stripping down to show us our prejudices and preconceived notions about what kind of female nudity is acceptable in our society.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An open letter to Ms. Polizzi, AKA the “Snooki”

Dear Ms. Snooki:
I have never seen your television show, which I understand paints a picture of certain Jersey locales and characters. I have read about your pregnancy and your embracing of your new role as mother.
I’ll admit when I saw your quote in Us magazine in reference to breastfeeding I wanted to reassure you that there’s nothing to be frightened of: "I'm just scared. My friend did and she said it was so painful…but I definitely want to pump because it's the best nutrients for the baby."
While it’s true that some new mothers experience some pain, many mothers have no problems at all. I would urge you to not take just one opinion into consideration.
And regarding pumping, I can definitely say there were times when all I felt like was a walking milk machine. If I remember correctly, there may even have been times when I walked through the house singing: Choo, choo! Here comes the milk train! Pulling into station! Toot! Toot!
And while some people may take offense at your statement: "It's kind of like you're a cow and you're just milking," I have to admit pumping really is like that when you kind of strip the whole act of any beautifying.
It’s hard to really feel all adoring and loving as you hook a plastic suction cup to your aching, hard, milk-filled breasts and slide the plastic pieces up and down until your arms ache.
And that’s not even to mention the leaking milk that comes out just about any time you hear a crying baby or the pain of clogged milk ducts that can turn into infections.
But all of this fun stuff is almost behind me as my oldest baby is 20-moths-old and only nursing once in a while and my milk supply is greatly diminished. Of course, now my breasts do sag a bit and have an entirely deflated, pancakey look to them, but…wait.
There are also the amazing experiences I had with my three children. The closeness and the intimacy that were created through those years of providing of my body for their nourishment and comfort.
The sweet moments of looking down at the fuzzy little head cradled in the nest of the inside of my elbow. The visions of sweet napping dreams while my baby’s lips continued to suckle in sleep long after my breast had fallen away from their grasp. The warmth and precious feeling of their weight pressed against me in absolute trust and love—even before they understand the meaning of words. The sweet smell of the sweaty cheek buried against my body. The quick and complete cessation of their worried cried when they thankfully find themselves tucked against me.
Home again. Safe again. Folded into my body. One again for just a little bit longer.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nadya Suleman to Strip

TMZ and every other celebrity website today are reporting on Nadya Suleman’s upcoming stripper performances. Octomom will be performing at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL, from July 11-15.
While most headlines are all touting Octomom’s becoming a stripper now, it’s not really like that. She’ll be doing two shows a night for less than a week. I don’t think that really makes one a stripper. She’s obviously just stripping for promotional reasons for her porn movie. I don’t think we should expect to see her doing this as a new steady gig.
At this point in Suleman’s life, I can only hope that she does indeed feel good about what she is doing. If she feels confident and is having fun with her new image, then power to her. There is nothing wrong with her choice if she has come to terms with her own self and choices and feels empowered by the role she is playing.
I hope that she will find everything she is looking for and not let the naysayers get her down.