Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mayim Bialik Touts Attachment Parenting in Her New Memoir

Celebrity baby Scoop gives us a great interview with Mayim Bialik on her new book “Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way.”

“She first stole our hearts as the hat-wearing teen Blossom and the saucy young Bette Midler in Beaches. Now we love Mayim Bialik as the quirky neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS's The Big Bang Theory. Not only does she have an outstanding acting career, she also holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is one of the most hands-on moms in Hollywood.”
What interests me the most is one of the struggles I find myself facing, which is that I want to raise independent children and not have my kids think that they are going to get everything they want in life, but at the same time, I want to give them everything they need and be there as completely as possible for them.
Bialik speaks about the challenge of how exhausting attachment parenting can be, but how ANY kind of parenting is exhausting, which is true.

"I'm always exhausted, but most parents are! But yes, if you make the decision to have your child breastfeed on demand and you make the decision to be the primary caregiver to your child, if you make the decision not to sleep-train your child because you believe they will be ready to sleep independent when they're ready, yes it's exhausting!
I also see a lot of parents that don't parent the way that we choose to and have a tremendous amount of anxiety, worry, and fighting with their children over things that I don't fight with my children about. So I think it's actually a trade-off of where you want to put your energy. It's a lot of work early on with your child for sure. But like I said, for many of us it's worth it."
What resonates the most with me about what she says is her attitude toward other mothers who disagree with her style of parenting. We are all entitled to our own opinions and ways of raising children.The book is part memoir, part explaining what attachment parenting is.
“And also, I talk about this in the book, everyone's allowed their own opinions! Some people want to have a conversation with you, and some people just want to be right. I've really learned which is which, and know when to smile and say, 'Thanks for your opinion. This is what works for us and I'm glad you're doing what works for you.' "
This is the attitude I’m looking to foster through Celebrity Momster:  Let’s celebrate our parenting styles, look with curiosity to other parents and their ways, and see what we can learn from each other.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is it Necessary to Flip Burgers in Life?

Us Magazine reports on Kevin Federline’s Celebrity Momster, I mean—Dadster—moment.

Federline’s plan to keep his sons grounded in the real world is to have them working at McDonald’s when they turn sixteen.

And while there are way too many pot shots available to make with this story, I will refrain.
I’m all for celebrities’ kids working honest jobs, but to wish a McDonald’s job on your child? Don’t we wish better things for our children than we had?
“"I'll have them working at Micky D's," the Excess Baggage reality star said.”That's how we had to do it! I worked at a car wash. I worked at a pizza place. Things like that made me."

Explained Federline: "I can be in this business now and I'm still the same person I am back then, because I know what I want out of life and how to treat people."

Spears' ex -- who has three other children with two different women -- said Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden James, 5, need a sense of stability.”
I remember my own experience at McDonald’s, which I thankfully made last only an hour and a half.
Would I wish that experience on my children? No.
I don’t think a teenager needs a McDonald’s job to learn how to treat others.
I think if I have any ability to steer my children into more creative and financially enriching part-time jobs, I will.
What do you think? Is it wrong for parents to use their influence to help their kids get decent part-time work?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Princess Admits Motherhood is Tough

Celeb baby Laundry lets us in on a Princess’ life in Princess Mary Says Motherhood Can Be Tough.
I love that women in the spotlight are opening up about the toughness of motherhood even when they have lots of help.
So if a royal person admits mothering is hard even in her position that allows “normal” mothers to feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and self-forgiveness for any of their parenting imperfections!
“The 40 year old Australian born Princess has two boys and two girls with husband Crown Prince Frederik. They have six year old Christian, four year old Isabelle and twins – Vincent and Josephine who are just one year old. She told the magazine ‘we feel very blessed with our four healthy, happy and lovely children. First a boy, then a girl and now the twins. It was… ‘Wow, we’re having twins. I realise we had the best of help, but being a mother and breastfeeding a couple of twins with two children already — it was a bit of a strain‘. It’s refreshing to hear a member of the Royal family speak so openly about the demands of being a Mom.”

Friday, February 24, 2012

Beyonce Works Out HOW Much?!

Reading a story like this on Celeb Baby Laundry makes me happy to not be in perfect shape after having children!
Seriously, if this is what it takes to have a rockin’ body, then I don’t want one.

“Beyonce has moved her personal trainer Marco Borges into to her and husband Jay-Z’s house in order to shed the baby weight in record time.
A source told Star magazine, “Beyonce and Marco are up at 5 a.m. for a two-hour workout, and they do it again at 5 p.m. They do a mix of cardio, Pilates, plyometrics, yoga and, of course, dance.”
Meanwhile, she’s “living on protein shakes, egg-white omelettes, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water – She’s exhausted, but totally dedicated,” explains the source. “Beyoncé’s vowed to have a better body than ever before.”
Now there’s no telling if this story is even true—not that I doubt a star would go to these extremes to look good.

But I’m really starting to wonder who these magical sources are for tabloids.
How do they know all these intimate details, but not get kicked out of a celebrity’s entourage if caught tattling?
And how much do these sources even make for spilling the beans?
So many questions!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is This Tween's Dress Ever Appropriate?

Ack! Hollywood Life has a photo of Jude Law’s 12-year-old daughter wearing what appears to be a sweet and innocent dress, but those little hearts have some not-so-sweet messages in them!

“At first glance, Jude Law‘s daughter Iris wore what seemed like a sweet, innocent (and totally age-appropriate) dress to Vivienne Westwood‘s London Fashion Week show. But take a closer look — those candy hearts are printed with vulgar phrases like “Blow Me” and “Eat Sh*t”! Woah.”
Sadie Frost apologized on Twitter later. “I seem to have upset people & am shocked myself about the dress Iris wore to Vivienne Westwoods show. Iris had been bought it as a present. I assumed it was just the sayings the sweets have on them. I’m sorry for any upset it may have caused..Iris is a sweet, innocent girl.”

I can totally understand the mother not noticing the words in the hearts, but I wonder if the daughter noticed. It’s not like they’re little tiny hearts; those suckers are pretty big!
Hmm…I wonder if they make that dress in adult sizes!
Wait a minute, now that gets me thinking, if this is a dress designed for young girls, is that really appropriate?!
What would happen if a tween wore that to school?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Victoria Beckham Struggles with Motherhood/Career Balance, Too

Celeb Baby Laundry reports on people’s reactions to Victoria Beckham’s appearance at the debut of her collection at Harvey Nichols during London Fashion week. Apparently, some onlookers were disappointed that Beckham did not look as polished as usual.
Maybe it’s just me, but I think she looks better than her usual perfectly polished photos. She still looks well put-together, just with a touch of normalcy.
Beckham told the Daily Mirror: “Look, if people want to say I’m miserable then so be it. I’m really not. I have a lot on my plate. I’m not going to lie about it, I’m tired. I’m really tired but I’m also very happy with my life.”
 “I’m not getting much sleep at all. Harper’s not sleeping that great, and I’ve been taking Skype business calls throughout the night, too, because of the collections. I’m up with the baby as all mums are, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s not a team of people doing it for me.”
 “I’m basically just like any woman who’s working and has lots of children—it’s tough.”
I don’t know about you, but I enjoy hearing about a Celebrity Momster sharing how her life is not so different than other moms. Yes, her life may be filled with more glamour, but she’s still just a human being trying to balance the demands of motherhood and career.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrity Momsters Supporting Each Other

It’s nice to see Celebrity Momsters supporting each other, even if it is in relation to great weight loss after baby.
Us Magazine reports that Jessica Simpson high-fived Jessica Alba for looking so svelte five months after giving birth to her new baby.
Mom-to-be Simpson tweeted: “New goal: look like Jessica Alba after baby!”
Jessica Alba replied: “OMG! You’re so sweet! Thanks, hon!”
So bravo to moms supporting moms.
I wonder what other ways Celebrity Momsters can support moms without it being just about looks?

Friday, February 17, 2012

That's Enough Details, Thank You

ivillage’s headline report sums up the Whitney Houston madness: Whitney Houston's Death: All the Latest Details.
The death of Whitney Houston has really brought to light how morbid we have become as a society. Many gossip sites are including photographs of the bathroom Whitney died in moments after she was removed.
Objects are pointed out and commented upon: those small circle objects are hair bands; there’s the lunch she was eating, etc.
We seem to want to know every detail of not only her death but the moments leading up to it. we know the exact moment she was declared dead, what was found in her room, who was present in her last moments.
We know her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to the hospital twice the weekend Whitney died.
And we all sit back and speculate how her death happened; jokes are made by shock jocks along the line of—why did it take so long?
Do we need all the latest details? Is there nothing sacred anymore? Can Whitney at least die in private? Can her daughter mourn her mother with the world giving her a little dignity?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Angelina Jolie Pregnant with Alien Sextuplets!

How odd it must be to read all kinds of crazy stories about yourself in the news every day.
Celeb Baby Laundry reports on the story that’s been circulating about the latest maybe possible Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt baby, or excuse me—babies. Twin boys to be exact.
Umm…twin boys? You think Angelina might be showing a little by now?
And don’t forget the story about the maybe or possible or you never know they might even be getting married this summer “in a small but stylish ceremony at their 16th-century French château.”
And, you know, “insiders insist that, this time, it’s really happening.”
I can understand people getting all star-freaky over celebrity stories, but the speculated ones that we know are just wild fabrications of some story-hungry reporter?
I mean, why not just make up totally outrageous stories then?!
Like, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt expecting sextuplet alien babies!
Or, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt declare they won’t marry until there is world peace!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Mommy/Career Choice

Ah! I found words of wisdom on Celebrity Baby Scoop from Denise Richards who is mom to three girls.

"You have to take the pressure off yourself. If you try to make everything perfectly balanced, that can create guilt. When I'm working, things give at home and when I'm at home, things give at work," Denise tells Women's Wear Daily.
This is the message I know that I need to learn well. I often get distracted and guilty feeling when I’m trying to work and then when I’m spending time with the kids I’m thinking of all the work I need to do.

We all need to allow ourselves to do what feels right for us when it comes to the mommy/career choice.
And for those moms who want to have it all, we need to remind ourselves we don’t need to have it all at the same moment!
Of course, it would also be nice to be able to just jet off to a tropical locale whenever we want to have some family down time like Denise Richards…

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get That Babysitter's Number!

Now that I’m focusing on being nonjudgmental to all experiences of celebrity motherhood I read about in the world, I’m opening my mind and heart in little ways.
I read a piece in People, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Go It Alone in New York, and my mind’s first reactions was to say, Oh no! Why are they in the news again? Is she pregnant again?
But the great news is that I caught myself right away. I noticed that there are certain Celebrity Momsters who just trigger my inner better-than-thou voice. And I recognize this is a reaction that will hopefully lessen with time.
So I decided to read about the Duggars with an open mind.
They’re in New York City on their own. And I realized I can learn a lesson from these parents—if they can find enough help and alone time to go to New York City without their kids, then I should be able to put together a date night every once in awhile with my husband…

Monday, February 13, 2012

Introducing Blue Ivy

If you hadn’t seen the first baby Blue Ivy photo yet, here it is.
According to a report on Celeb Baby Laundry, Beyonce made the decision to not sell the first baby photos and instead present her much-in-demand baby shots via a family tumblr site.
June Ambrose a friend of Beyonce said:
“B really really thought about this and she really wanted to do it this way. She just couldn’t imagine selling pictures of her baby.”
Cheers to Beyonce and Jay-Z for making a choice that was right for their family.
Not that there would have been anything wrong if they’d made a different decision.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow and I Bathe With Our Kids (But Separately!)

Gwyneth Paltrow causes a bit of a stir when she talks about how she loves to take a bath with her children, Apple (7), and Moses (5).
Some parents think that’s just so wrong. One mom posted on iVillage: "Experts say that by the time kids reach preschool, parents should back off of group bathing, particularly when kids begin to notice body parts. It reinforces that some areas of our bodies are private and not to be shared with other people."
I’m with Perez Hilton on this one: “We think Gwyn's bath time is sweet! There's not reason to teach kids to be ashamed of their bodies.”
We put all three of our children in the bath together—a seven-year-old girl, and two younger brothers. The only reason we would stop (before there’s just not room) is if we sensed any discomfort.
We’ve always been open and comfortable with nudity in our house. Our children understand boys and girls have different body parts and I think that’s healthy. They see my husband and me naked, so they know how adult bodies look.
It doesn’t have anything to do with “private areas” not being private. They wouldn’t walk outside naked, just like we wouldn’t.
I’m sure there will come a time when their own sensibilities will show us what’s right for them individually, but until that time, I believe in not making a big deal about the nude body. We all have ‘em and they all look different and that’s okay.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who Doesn't Make These Parenting "Mistakes"?!

Seriously, Parents magazine? You’re giving Jessica Alba a “Thumbs-Down” for not having the stroller hood closed on a sunny day?
Ever hear of vitamin D?
A photo feature “Celebrity Parenting Mistakes (& Successes!)” displays photos of Celebrity Momsters doing things like “Not Protecting Skin from the Sun,” “Drinking from a Bottle After Age 1,” and “Riding without a Helmet.”
Wow, are we really that desperate to point the parenting finger that we have to judge every little non-perfect parent action we see?
Man, I would be eaten alive in the press.
Are you guilty of any of these parenting “mistakes”?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Model Proves She's Just a Normal Human Being

I think Doug Glanville of Time Magazine is right on in his take on the Celebirty Momster Giselle Bündchen’ Super Bowl Comment fiasco—In Defense of Gisele Bündchen and Strong Sports Spouses.

Let me make it clear that I know absolutely nothing about sports, but I can still imagine what it would be like for my husband to lose a job that was very important to him.

After Bundchen reunited with her husband after the Patriots loss to the Giants, a Giants fan heckled her by saying, “Eli owns your husband.”

Bundchen’s comeback was that her husband couldn’t “fucking catch the ball and throw the ball.”

The supermodel has received a lot of bad press saying she shouldn’t have made a comment like that (even if it was true). Aren’t we being a little too hard on the lady? I mean, her husband’s team just lost the biggest game of the year and someone’s going to heckle her? She really was just defending her man.

Who probably wouldn’t have done the same thing in her situation?

And while the comment came out sounding kind of rude against her hubby’s teammates, it was said in the heat of the moment. I’m sure she wouldn’t have said that as an official statement.

Glanville also makes a great point: “Of course, some may still think that an athlete’s wife should be seen and not heard (let alone use profanity or actually weigh in on an athletic performance), look pretty on the arm and have no opinion about the game. In Bündchen’s case, she’s supposed to be a supermodel on the arm who doesn’t get into the playbook even when she actually knows better than fans what’s inside that playbook.

These women go through a lot to sustain their relationships and, in most cases, they don’t work out in the end, so we should admire her for doing what she needs to do to protect it. And if nothing else, she deserved to have a moment with her husband in peace because even Brady needs to know that everything is going to be all right.”

When we start expecting women to keep their mouths shut and not express themselves, we’re heading into dangerous territory. For someone who is being recorded everywhere she goes, she’s bound to say some less than perfect quotes.

Instead of being upset about it, we should be celebrating—Wow! A supermodel is a human being.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teen Moms Wanting to Get Pregnant Again

I tried watching an episode of Teen Mom the other night, or was it Teen Mom 2?

What struck me the most was how young the women were. Yes, I know, they’re teen moms, but actually seeing their personalities in action was very enlightening.

I remembered who I was when I was fifteen, immature, wrapped up in the emotions of relationships, and knee-deep in living in a world of drama.

There were moments when that all fell away and I saw the women simply being mothers, loving their babies and being devoted. I could definitely see that these were women who were not emotionally or financially prepared for the changes that motherhood brings, but they were doing their best.

Perez Hilton this morning reports that some of these young moms are trying to get pregnant again.

Apparently Leah Messer, Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska have missed the whole point of the show!”
While I would think it’s probably not in their best interest to be getting pregnant again so soon, I’m not having such a visceral reaction.

And I’m not totally sure that the TV show is meant, as Hilton believes, “to teach teens to be responsible and NOT have babies till you're an adult!”

I believe the show presents the reality of young motherhood to teens. I do hope that there will be a lot of girls who will recognize the hardships and take precautions to not become pregnant so young.

But I don’t think freaking out on these young women about wanting to get pregnant again is the answer. What would be much more effective is to open up a dialogue about what their desires to be new moms again speaks to.

What makes a young woman want to become a mom before she’s really had a chance to live her own life first?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Practicing Not Being Judgmental with Brad Pitt

I was thinking about this quote from Babyrazzi I read from Brad Pitt in which he talks about what he does to get his children moving in the morning.
“I admit there’s times like, ‘We gotta get up. Get up! ‘Here’s your shoes. Here’s your shoes. Drink this Coke. Drink this Coca-Cola. Drink it all. Right now! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!’ Just so we could get ‘em up and going.”
At first I had this totally judgmental reaction where I was like—oh no, he didn’t!

Doesn’t he know how bad caffeine and sugar are for kids? And in the morning? What is he crazy?!

And then the next jump my judgmental parenting brain took was, wow, I’m a better parent than Brad Pitt! And I’ll admit I felt a little superior—than Brad Pitt, folks!

My daughter, who is seven, has only tried a sip of soda maybe three times in her life. My three-year-old doesn’t even know what soda is!

And then I heard myself and I was like, oh no, Sheila. I’m all about not judging. So then I had some work to do because I really don’t think soda is good for kids. I mean, like, it’s not just not good—it’s bad! And I know that’s a fact.

So how do I sit back and say, oh, okay, Brad, feed your kids soda in the morning?!

I tried to put myself in someone else’s shoes if they heard something I do with my kids that they totally disagree with. Could I find something so heinous as plying my kids with sugar and caffeine?

Umm, I do yell at my kids sometimes when I lose my temper and that’s pretty bad.

I wonder if Brad yells?

If not, maybe we’re even.

Oh, and then I also had the thought, maybe he was just joking?


Maybe he said this to somebody he wasn’t sure if they were really a friend or just nice to him because he’s famous to see if it would show up in the tabloids!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jamie Lynn Spears Reminds Us to be Ourselves

I never saw the younger Spears sister’s TV show when she was a teenager, but because of who her big sister was, I heard all about her teenage pregnancy.
And then we really didn’t hear much from Jamie Lynn after that. Oh sure, we saw the occasional photo of her and her daughter Maddie. Or saw some tabloid headline about her problems with the baby’s daddy, Casey Aldridge. But for the most part, Spears decided to disappear into a small town and take care of her daughter.
Glamour magazine shares an impressive as-told-to interview with the young mom this month as she prepares to turn 21 and launch a singing career.
She shines the light on what is so important to remember about the Teen Mom reality shows; motherhood is not a bed of roses where you coddle and coo about a baby all day.

“When I saw MTV’s Teen Mom was coming out, I remember thinking, Oh my God, I cannot wait to see this show because there’s someone else out there. I mean, I feel for those girls. I’ve been that girl. It does show that motherhood is hard. There were so many times—especially when Maddie would get sick—when I would cry to myself and think, I really don’t know what to do. It takes bravery to be a young mom, and it does take bravery to let the world watch.”
With the majority of Celebrity Momsters being older, Spears may be able to address the younger moms who feel lost.

“I’m more honest in my lyrics than I am in anything else. It’s where I feel the most safe to express myself. I write about growing up, my family, Maddie and getting pregnant. If I’ve lived it, why wouldn’t I talk about it? I guess that’s been the coolest thing—realizing that it’s OK to just be myself and really tell my story.”
Encouragement to other young mothers that their experience is valid and important to be expressed would be a very positive result from Spears’ life story.

Of course, for any aged mother, this is a reminder to be proud of who we are, regardless of our “story” and to be willing to share our uniqueness with the world.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow Questions Her Feminism

Celebitchy reports on Gwyneth Paltrow’s interview in Harper Bazaar’s March issue.
“I have little kids in school. I want to maintain my marriage and my family, so I have to be here when he comes home.” Hence her recent advice to a girlfriend (who remains tantalizingly unnamed): “She is an actress and in a new relationship with someone else with a big career, and I said this may not be feminist, but you have to compromise. It’s been all about you and you’re a big deal. And if you want what you’re saying you want—a family—you have to be a wife, and that is part of the equation. Gloria Steinem may string me up by my toes, but all I can do is my best, and I can do only what works for me and my family.”
If a woman was solely compromising her career for sake of family and husband and was unhappy about it, then I think there would be a problem, but life is all about compromises to achieve our bigger goals.
I feel it is important to give time to all the important areas of our lives: family, career, and self.
What do you think? Do you feel being a feminist means not compromising career for family?
I disagree with Paltrow that what she is saying isn’t feminist. I think that as a mother, or a father, part of the equation of parenthood and even selfhood is compromising in different ways to make our lives what we ultimately want.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Octomom's Honesty

There’s always a lesson to be learned from Octomom, Nadya Suleman.
Celeb Baby Laundry reports on Suleman’s  latest chat on UStream Sunday night.
Suleman says it like it is and you really can’t say that’s bad: “Is this easy? God, no! It’s not easy at all! I’m not going to be trying to don any facade and say, ‘Oh yeah, life is a piece of cake.’ It’s not. It’s a piece of poop!” Suleman said. “Eight pieces of poop, all day long. But the rewards outweigh anything negative.”
I can imagine some moms will be shocked over Suleman’s comments, but let’s get serious. She’s taking care of fourteen kids!
Sometimes the words that come out of my mouth from dealing with only three children could startle even a badass sailor.
I think it’s awesome that Suleman spoke her truth. And I’m right here to support her in saying yes, sometimes I feel the same way. Life is not easy raising little kids. As much as we love them, they can definitely try even a saint’s patience.