Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How does Octomom, Nadya Suleman, fare as an actress and mom?

Orange County News blogger Josh Dulaney covers how others really feel about Octomom in Porn Stars Review Octomom's New Film, andHer Parenting Skills.

It seems porn star Amber Peach felt the need to weigh in on not only Nadya Suleman’s porn acting abilities in her new masturbation film from Wicked Pictures, but her mothering skills, too.

"This is a woman who had children she knew she couldn't take care of, not by accidentally getting pregnant, but on purpose, and people's issue is that she did a porn. There are many porn people who are also great parents. People are acting like her doing porn is what makes her a bad parent, saying things like, 'What are your kids going to think of you when they get older and find out?' My question is, 'What are those kids going to think of her when they get old enough to realize she had them with no way to take care of them either because she hoped to get a reality show or because she's...crazy, or both?'"

Amber Peach makes a great point when she explains that there are lots of porn actresses who are great mothers. There’s no reason why one’s occupation should have anything to do with other areas of one’s life.

Dulaney also quotes porn star Paige Little on the aftermath of working in the adult entertainment business: "Eventually the job offers and money will not be there," she said. "You will be left with needing to justify to yourself why you chose that path and be able to live with it. The porn industry is littered with the shattered lives of those who could not."

I think this is the biggest struggle for people who have chosen to work in the adult industry. We must find ways to integrate our pasts into our present lives without guilt. I hope that Suleman will be able to move forward with joy and faith in herself no matter what she chooses to do.