Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jessica Alba Gets Honest About Motherhood

Photo from Gossip-Juice.com
Welcome guest blogger, Imogen Reed, writing about Jessica Alba's motherhood journey!

Jessica Alba might be more famous for being a celebrity mom than she ever was for being an actress, but to be fair to the 30 year old mother of two she seems to be making a highly successful career out of it. She’s always been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and accused of being arrogant and conceited by the paparazzi and celebrity gossip columns in the past. However since embracing motherhood Jessica seems to be more happy and content, while not being afraid to admit that being a mom can also be challenging.

She’s certainly making headlines at the moment, not to mention the cover of the March issue of LA Confidential, thanks to the launch of her new business. While most celebrity entrepreneurs will lend their name to an overpriced perfume, badly made clothing line or a gimmicky restaurant, Jessica has bucked the trend by starting an enterprise that might actually work.  When expecting her first baby, now aged four, Jessica says she was alarmed by the high levels of chemicals found in everyday baby products and this is what inspired her to start The Honest Company, an innovative service that delivers all natural baby essentials to your door every month. This is a significant trend in the market with many consumers moving away from the cheapest, pesticide infested food and clothing to everything from organic potatoes and cotton to organic mattresses in the home.

It’s not all glamour for this celebrity mom

Lots of people thought she was crazy when she first started conceptualizing the idea 3 years ago, but then lots of people don’t realize how toxic many everyday baby products can be. It’s not just the diapers either. Essentials such as shampoos and baby wipes can have a host of toxic chemicals which aren’t just bad for babies skin and health, they are incredibly damaging to the environment as well.

Jessica has taken her commitment to her business to the extreme. She’s thoroughly tested over 20 different products which cover every aspect of raising a baby. There aren’t many celebrity moms who will endorse non-glamorous items such as dish soap and hand sanitizer, but Jessica seems to have totally considered the needs of mothers everywhere and it is something she really should be applauded for.

Keeping it real

Another thing that proves that Jessica has really bucked the trend on celebrity backed product lines is her insistence that these monthly boxes of baby goodies should be affordable for the vast majority of families, rather than the elite few. A box of eco-friendly diapers costs less than $20 a week and the toiletries and home cleaning range are less than $9 for a week’s supply. There are even price comparisons against conventional products on the website to help you check that you’re getting a good deal.  Oh and those diapers are super cute as well, coming in fancy skull and crossbones prints or gorgeous pink stars and stripes amongst many other trendy designs. 

Alba has also committed to giving back by donating a portion of the profits spent with The Honest Company to Baby2Baby, an LA based charity that donates baby essentials to families in need. Of course it’s no great surprise for a celebrity mom to be supporting a charity, but it is good to see that she’s taking her business responsibilities seriously and making the effort to help a worthy cause.

Applauding Women in Business

It’s actually quite nice to see that Jessica has joined the many thousands of mompreneurs worldwide who are creating businesses that reflect both the needs of their families and a commitment to the environment. While her celebrity endorsement probably cuts out a lot of the leg work, after all it’s easier to get press coverage when you are a hot gossip column topic; you genuinely get the feeling that she is totally dedicated to creating a range that is both practical and affordable for a large number of families.

Perhaps she can be forgiven for achieving such an amazing post pregnancy figure when she demonstrates such a heartfelt commitment to improving the everyday lives of normal moms. There are many women who feel more whole and complete after becoming a mother and it could just be that Jessica Alba is one of them.


  1. celebrity endorsements are sure shot in most countries as so many want to be them, feel a closeness to them and the more we see them the more we know them and want to have what they have. 

  2. Why is that? Do we REALLY want what they have? Yes, the money and admiration would be nice, but their lives must be so nonstop crazy all the time...