Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Judgment Day For Moms!

MSNBC’s Today Moms and Redbook Magazine declare today No Judgment Day for moms!

The magazine’s effort to “end mom guilt now” is a movement meant to banish mom-on-mom criticism and instill some mommy pride among the mommy masses, says REDBOOK Editor in Chief Jill Herzig.
It’s truly amazing how judgmental we moms can be. Perhaps it’s because everything having to do with mothering is so controversial to someone else: do you breastfeed or bottle-feed? Do you work or stay-at-home? Do you spank or yell?

Whatever we do—there’s someone ready to judge it. And that’s why Celebrity Momsters are such an easy target—everything they do in public as moms is seen by the world and then we regular moms can judge it and feel better about ourselves.
To kick off its campaign, REDBOOK’s new Motherboard Blog Council asks moms to fill in the blank: “Don’t judge me because I …”
There are so many ways I could fill that in, but I’ll start by simply saying: Don’t judge me because I follow the five-second rule!

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