Monday, January 30, 2012

Nursing Celebrity Moms in Public!

Celebrity Baby Scoop has an incredible photo collection of celebrity moms who nurse in public.
“Considering their lack of anonymity with paparazzi lurking at every street corner, we salute celebrity moms who breastfeed their babies while out and about!”
I mean, come on! If we’re going to see women’s breasts displayed all over magazine stands, at least let some of those photos be of a nurturing style as opposed to squashed boobs in bikinis.
This is a step in the right direction to celebrating all women’s bodies in all shapes and forms.
What strikes me most about these captured moments is the sense of peace and joy radiating out from the moms. And I love the magazines that included breastfeeding photos on their covers.


  1. Excellent reminder. Great to see celebrity moms aren't only being reported on for failing as parents or judged for their decisions.

  2. Right! The negative seems to be the only aspect we shout about for celebrity moms...