Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Suck It, Victoria's Secret!

MSNBC’s Today Style discusses—Victoria's Secret model moms celebrate their new curves: Models Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio embrace motherhood.
So, I have learned, the big talk is all about who gets to wear the million dollar bra each year. And even the model herself who gets to don it this year is surprised that the big VS would pick a mom.
"I was asked to do it after I gave birth," said Kerr. "That was awesome. It's such an honor."
The article goes on to explain that Ed Razek, chief marketing officer for Victoria's Secret, “has long taken the position that the company wants feminine, womanly models, because that's who looks best in the lingerie.”
OK, gag me with a spoon! The model moms included in Victoria’s Secret big fashionapalooza are those women who have the correct curves, not just “real” moms with real figures.
Mr. Razek is full of beans about wanting “feminine, womanly models.” The model moms he’s using are the ones who already have big names and who have worked their asses off (literally) to fit back into a bikini. They’re about as “womanly” as a half-starved gazelle.
I’m not knocking the whole thin model thing, I get it, it’s the way women are represented right now, but don’t play the old, oh, look at us! We’re being so forward-thinking and body-accepting of our lingerie models!
If Victoria’s Secret really wants to put who “looks best in the lingerie” into action, how about representing what real women actually look like.
While I think it’s awesome that Victoria’s Secret will still employ model moms, I’d be much more impressed if they supported “real” model moms.

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