Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Suck It, Rachel Zoe!

This is wrong in so many ways.
The look on poor Skyler’s face says it all.
“Someone rescue me from this woman! Please, please just put me in a onesie and let me crawl free and wild! Get these loafers and turtle hat off of me!”
But, alas, poor Skyler appears to have many years of being a Barbie ahead of him.
His mom, Rachel Zoe, had this to say, according to Celebrity Baby Scoop: "It is too much fun. It is like dressing a live doll," Zoe tells InStyle at the MOCA Annual Gala in Los Angeles. "He has no opinion." 
So, babies have no opinion, thus you may dress them however you wish? Break out the beanies and the loafers! But, wait…look at that face…perhaps, just perhaps, there is an opinion brewing. Watch out Rachel!

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