Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teen Moms Wanting to Get Pregnant Again

I tried watching an episode of Teen Mom the other night, or was it Teen Mom 2?

What struck me the most was how young the women were. Yes, I know, they’re teen moms, but actually seeing their personalities in action was very enlightening.

I remembered who I was when I was fifteen, immature, wrapped up in the emotions of relationships, and knee-deep in living in a world of drama.

There were moments when that all fell away and I saw the women simply being mothers, loving their babies and being devoted. I could definitely see that these were women who were not emotionally or financially prepared for the changes that motherhood brings, but they were doing their best.

Perez Hilton this morning reports that some of these young moms are trying to get pregnant again.

Apparently Leah Messer, Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska have missed the whole point of the show!”
While I would think it’s probably not in their best interest to be getting pregnant again so soon, I’m not having such a visceral reaction.

And I’m not totally sure that the TV show is meant, as Hilton believes, “to teach teens to be responsible and NOT have babies till you're an adult!”

I believe the show presents the reality of young motherhood to teens. I do hope that there will be a lot of girls who will recognize the hardships and take precautions to not become pregnant so young.

But I don’t think freaking out on these young women about wanting to get pregnant again is the answer. What would be much more effective is to open up a dialogue about what their desires to be new moms again speaks to.

What makes a young woman want to become a mom before she’s really had a chance to live her own life first?

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