Monday, February 27, 2012

Princess Admits Motherhood is Tough

Celeb baby Laundry lets us in on a Princess’ life in Princess Mary Says Motherhood Can Be Tough.
I love that women in the spotlight are opening up about the toughness of motherhood even when they have lots of help.
So if a royal person admits mothering is hard even in her position that allows “normal” mothers to feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and self-forgiveness for any of their parenting imperfections!
“The 40 year old Australian born Princess has two boys and two girls with husband Crown Prince Frederik. They have six year old Christian, four year old Isabelle and twins – Vincent and Josephine who are just one year old. She told the magazine ‘we feel very blessed with our four healthy, happy and lovely children. First a boy, then a girl and now the twins. It was… ‘Wow, we’re having twins. I realise we had the best of help, but being a mother and breastfeeding a couple of twins with two children already — it was a bit of a strain‘. It’s refreshing to hear a member of the Royal family speak so openly about the demands of being a Mom.”

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