Friday, February 17, 2012

That's Enough Details, Thank You

ivillage’s headline report sums up the Whitney Houston madness: Whitney Houston's Death: All the Latest Details.
The death of Whitney Houston has really brought to light how morbid we have become as a society. Many gossip sites are including photographs of the bathroom Whitney died in moments after she was removed.
Objects are pointed out and commented upon: those small circle objects are hair bands; there’s the lunch she was eating, etc.
We seem to want to know every detail of not only her death but the moments leading up to it. we know the exact moment she was declared dead, what was found in her room, who was present in her last moments.
We know her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to the hospital twice the weekend Whitney died.
And we all sit back and speculate how her death happened; jokes are made by shock jocks along the line of—why did it take so long?
Do we need all the latest details? Is there nothing sacred anymore? Can Whitney at least die in private? Can her daughter mourn her mother with the world giving her a little dignity?

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