Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alicia Silverstone's Chewed Food Baby Diet

Following up on January Jones’ placenta pills is the latest buzzing story about Alicia Silverstone from Celebrity Baby Scoop.
She likes to feed her baby food that she chews up first in her own mouth and then just kind of transfer it to 10-month-old Bear Blu’s mouth.
Some people are supportive and some are totally icked out about the whole affair.
True, it goes against our instincts and what we’ve learned about germs, not to mention that as mothers we’ve even been warned about kissing our babies on the mouth because of the transfer of germs.
But at the same time, Silverstone has a point about this being the way other animals feed their young.
While I never took it as extreme as Silverstone, I can remember a few times pre-chewing some morsels for my babies to make it easier for them to eat.
I guess being a mother of three now it takes more than hearing about chewed food to make me feel queasy.
I mean, I’ve been peed, pooped and thrown up on numerous times. I’ve seen more tushies in various states of messiness than I ever imagined possible.
What’s the big deal about a little pre-chewed food?

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