Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jessica Simpson Does a Demi Moore

Us Weekly shares the latest news on a soon-to-be Celebrity Momster.
Simpson strikes quite a candid pose revealing more than would probably be allowed for a cover photo of a non-pregnant woman.
“Heavily pregnant Simpson, 31, poses nude on the April cover of ELLE magazine; Moore, 49, did the same for the cover of Vanity Fair in August 1991 when she was pregnant with daughter Scout LaRue.”
Why is it that people who would be in an uproar about that shot if she weren’t pregnant think it’s acceptable while she is?
Is it because she is not seen as a “sexy” object when pregnant? So the sight of her body as a “mother” is somehow “otherly” and allowed to be seen in this state?
If so, how silly that would seem since being pregnant means you’re obviously, you know, sexual.

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