Thursday, March 15, 2012

Uma Thurman Balances it All

Uma Thurman is all about balancing career and motherhood.
Celeb Baby Laundry talks to her about how she does it.
Again, we hear it from Celebrity Momsters, the key to balancing it all is being able to drop work when we need to, but not completely.
“I have booted my career to the back seat for an amount of time but I have always tried to never let it go,” says Thurman.
“I try to get back to work and that is good for me too. When I am ready to go back to work I do. I think work centers me in a certain type of way that almost nothing else does.”
Of course, for regular moms, that is perfect in an ideal world, but for moms who have to work, it is not so simple.
How do you handle the pressure of having to work when you’d really rather just be with your kids?

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