Friday, March 23, 2012

Nicole Richie Can Balance It All and So Can You

Celebrity Momster Nicole Richie is the cover girl for the March 2012 California Style magazine.
Celeb Baby Laundry reports that she talks about balancing motherhood and career in the issue.
 “I can’t sit here and say that it’s easy all day long. I’m just figuring out how to make it work. But I really don’t have anything to complain about. I have a very supportive family and husband [Joel Madden] and that makes it so much easier. My parents live here. They’re each 10 minutes away from me, and they’re very eager to come over even when I don’t want them to.”
I think that just about sums it all up—trying to figure it out as we go along. I suppose I have this fear that I actually am making it work really well right now and that one day I’ll wake up and realize how well I managed it all and be like—why didn’t I recognize that and enjoy it all more?
I think I waste too much time worrying about not doing everything as best as possible, even as I’m probably doing pretty well at the balance.
Maybe we need to give ourselves more credit as mothers for doing such a good job of balancing it all!

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