Friday, March 9, 2012

Heidi Klum Likes Honesty

Heidi Klum, 38, talks in the April issue of Elle magazine about her recent split from Seal and the importance of her children.
Celebrity Baby Scoop has a quote about what makes Klum feel the most beautiful: “To be honest, it’s with my children. In my job, people tell you that all the time: ‘This shoot was great. You look amazing.’ But you never know what they say when you turn away. You can’t think about that—you’d go mental. But the kids don’t edit anything. When they kiss you and tell you they love you and say, ‘Mama, you’re the best’ — that’s really the only thing you care about.”
I understand what she is saying—you can count on your children to be absolutely honest with you, of course, that means they’ll also call you out when you’re not at your best.
My daughter is always the first one to answer when I ask, “Does this look okay?” or “Do you love me?” with “Umm, not so much” or “I LIKE-love you.”
My job is to accept her answers without getting mad, so that she can continue to be honest without worrying about upsetting me. Not an easy or glamorous job, but an important one.

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