Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrity Momsters Adopting Getting Special Treatment?

Huffington Post UK has an article about celebrity adoption. With all the celebrities adopting recently, it’s no surprise that regular ol’ folks are asking—hey! Are Celebrity Momsters getting special preference?
According to Huff Post, it’s probably not the celebrity status that helps so much as celebrities’ money. And celebrities who adopt are obviously going to make it into the news, but all the regular people down your block aren’t.
 "Cult of Celebrity" author Cooper Lawrence also cites Madonna's adoption of David Banda from Malawi as an example of wealth (but perhaps not celebrity) making things easier.
"If you remember, [Madonna] had trouble adopting David from Malawi until she started throwing cash into it. Most of us can't do that," Lawrence said. "Both Madonna and Angelina Jolie have the multimillions of dollars that are needed in order to improve conditions for children still in those countries, such as funding orphanages directly."
Any way you look at it, Celebrity Momsters adopting children and bringing more light to the need for good adoptive families can only be positive. Hopefully, the more parents who are aware of the joys of adopting children, the more homes that will be found and shared.

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