Friday, January 20, 2012

J-Lo Tweets: He loves Me! He Really Loves Me!

This just in: Twitter has changed its policies and is allowing Casper Smart to tweet as many characters as he needs to express his deep and intimate—I mean infinite—love to Jennifer Lopez.
His love has no limits—not age, not characters—
So here it is:

I have this uncontrollable urge to announce to the world via Twitter my undying love for Miss J-Lo. And it’s so beautiful—beautiful, deep love—and that’s all that matters. My love goes on forever and ever like this tattoo on my arm. And I dance; I dance my heart out for my love and it is this deep, intense, soul-like connection where, you know, age doesn’t matter and it’s just all love and stuff.
And Jennifer Lopez is so blown away by her son’s—I mean lover’s—words that she must share them with the world!

So she retweets the message and rejoices.
And not to be outdone, Lopez’s ex, Marc Anthony, decides he must tweet his undying love for model Shannon De Lima:

Oh, young sweet beautiful model, I mean oh sweet love of my life, let me kiss you and hug you and show you to the world—I mean, love you to the world, I mean, just…I love you, I love you!
Isn’t young/old love beautiful?!

(Thanks NY Daily News for providing the real tweets!)

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