Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Suck It, Starvation Diets!

Jessica Alba is making the photo headlines today over her beach body in a hot pink bikini. She gave birth to Haven just four months ago yet was able to get back in shape already.
Us Magazine quotes Alba: “So how did Alba, who is also mom to 3-year-old Honor, get back in shape so quickly after her pregnancy? "I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered," she told Lucky magazine. "But I also work out, so basically I'm starving. It sucks. I drink a lot of water."”

Alba was to quick point out that everything she did was with a doctor’s approval, which I think is good that she added that. I mean, to me it doesn’t sound exactly healthy to feel like you are starving on a diet.

When I was younger and uber-concerned about my body image, I would diet and I always knew I was treading on thin ground when I felt as if I was starving.

Is it ever a good idea to feel food-deprived in the name of getting in shape? How can our body’s messages that we need to eat be wrong?

I think it’s great that a woman would want to get back in shape for health and yes, even for confidence reasons, but depriving oneself of needed calories just doesn’t seem like a winning formula.

What do you think? Have you ever felt starved on a diet or just deprived of the really yummy foods you wanted?

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