Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Sell the Photos Already, Beyonce!

I’m kind of in agreement with Jessica Alba on her advice to Beyonce and Jay-Z regarding selling their baby photos.
I’ve usually felt it’s just plain tacky for celebrities to sell their newborn photos even if the money goes to a charity, but Alba makes a good point as reported by The Huffington Post.
"For our family, we just wanted to control the experience. We put the money that the picture made into a bank account for Honor to do whatever she wants to do with," she explained. "It's her picture, it's her birth, and we didn't want it to be like a weird thing when we were walking out of the house with her for the first time."
If you think about it, the demand is going to be so great for this baby’s photo that it’s going to be like a madhouse the first time that baby walks out the door. Well, is carried out that door by a nanny…
So to protect the whole family from the flashbulb nightmare, better to just sell the first photos to take off the edge of what their baby looks like.
Actually, even if they sell the first photos, there’s still going to be a lot of clambering to get the first “unofficial” shots of Blue Ivy.
So, you know, you really can’t win.
Might as well take the money and put it to good use and move on.

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