Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rock It, Beyonce and Jay-Z!

It’s a relief to read that some celebrities haven’t pimped out their unborn babies yet!
Huffington Post reports that Beyonce and Jay-Z have not even responded to the multiple offers that have been made for the first photos of their baby.
The weird thing is that when celebrities do sell their baby photos, there are clauses about them not being able to appear in public with baby before or after the photos are released.
Can you imagine not being allowed to be seen in public with your baby because it would decrease your baby’s value?
At least when Brad and Angelina sold their photos for $12 million they donated the money to a charity.
But is it right to pimp out a baby even if the money is going to do good?
I suppose if my mom and dad had been celebrities I would be kind of proud if my photo had helped people or animals somewhere.
But what if I were a different kind of person? Might I not be happy about someone making such a public choice for me?
How do you feel about Celebrity Momsters selling their baby photos?

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