Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Victoria Beckham is Thin Again! (Was She Ever Not Thin?!)

The UK’s Daily Mail helps perpetuate more Oh my God! She’s so thin after giving birth! How DOES she do it? craziness.
A Celebrity Momster always seems to be too thin or too fat after giving birth. We never hear magazines proclaiming, Wow! She looks just the way she should for her body type!

Victoria Beckham had baby Harper in July and has just posed for her first post maternal lingerie shoot.

Why would anyone be surprised by the way she looks? She’s naturally thin and she’s had six-months to lose the baby weight.

It’s not a miracle, folks. It’s called good diet and exercise.

News flash! Mothers do not naturally just become old, fat frumps after giving birth. They usually return to looking like they did before.

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