Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Would the Tabloids Say About You and Me?

Sheila Hageman captured before her morning coffee and makeup-free! (Oh, wait...isn't she nursing?! Is that caffeine in that cup?! What a Celebrity Momster! And oh my goodness, don't get me started on those puffy eyes!)
I suck at snark.
Celebirty Momster started as a chance for me to vent at all the outrageous Celebrity Momsters I saw in the tabloids, you know, the ones who push the $5,000 strollers, dress their babies in $2,000 onesies, and are highly concerned with how much they weigh after giving birth.
But something hasn’t been feeling right. I mean, I’m all about embracing our differences as mothers. Why should I have a problem if Jessica Simpson wants to wear heels while giving birth? Who am I to judge her just because she’s famous and the silly things she says end up plastered across newspapers?
What I’ve found much more interesting is what I’ve been learning from these moms who live life in the spotlight. And from asking myself—what would I do if all my weaknesses ended up headline news?
I’ve actually developed compassion for these Celebrity Momsters. I’ve found myself quite frequently asking, would I do the same things if I were in her shoes? (Granted, they would be awesome Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks, but I digress…)
Celebrity Momster has a new mission—to chip away at our preconceived notions of what is the “right” way to be a mother and to examine what we can learn by the stories we see in the news about moms parenting in the spotlight.
I’m digging for the good, the bad, and the ugly (I’m looking at you, mom jeans).
Join me as I search for how we can all embrace our inner Celebrity Momsters without judgment as a path to self-acceptance and other-mom-acceptance.
But don’t worry—I’ll still be pointing out what I just can’t stomach—like feeding a child “go-go” juice before a beauty pageant. I’ll just be doing it with a bigger heart in hopes of understanding exactly what we can learn from our modern culture that would make a Celebrity Momster feel the need to do such a thing.
I’m all about celebrating the diverse mothering experience as amplified through Celebrity Momsters in the news.

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