Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Suck It, Sarah Burge!

This is my first time hearing about “The Human Barbie,” and hopefully will be my last.
Jot Zoom reports that Sarah Burge gave her daughter a liposuction gift certificate for Christmas. And, oh—her daughter? She’s seven.
And the lucky child also received a voucher for breast enhancement on her last birthday.
Burge had this to say to Closer Magazine:
“Some people think it’s controversial and I get angry when strangers say I’m a bad mother because I don’t think there’s any harm in giving her this gift. Poppy is a normal kid who is good at sports and loves playing outside. Girls don’t want Snow White and Cinderella any more. They want to be WAGs and famous like Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga. I’m just supporting her and making her dreams come true. Looks are a big part of how our futures pan out - there shouldn’t be a stigma around wanting to look good.”
And just for the record, I didn’t know what a WAG was either, but Andrew on Yahoo Answers explains it well:
“It's an acronym for the Wives and Girlfriends of the England World Cup Squad, (so think Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, who is now married to the Soccer Superstar David Beckham.) In its literal terminology, WAGS refers to the wives of soccer husbands who basically spend boatloads of their husbands' money, and is typically associated with shopping. However, this could be more broadly associated with any woman who just has her husband buy expensive things for her, or spends his money.”
So, Burge believes being a good mother in 2012 means raising a daughter to believe that all that matters is looks and that her greatest goal should be to marry well, be a pop star and spend lots of money.
How could anyone possibly consider this bad mothering?

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