Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brilliant Photo Op or Real Life?

This photograph on Perezitos of Kourtney Kardashian and her two-year-old son Mason having a temper tantrum gave me pause.
For a brief shining moment I felt kinship with Kourtney. I felt like I understood her. I felt her pain. I cringed along with her as her son broke down into uncontrollable, unexplainable hollers and yells.
Yes, I too have a toddler who for absolutely no reason at all will sometimes just decide it is time to scream with wild abandon. The lucky thing for me is that I have no paparazzi waiting outside the restaurant I am dining in to snap a photo of aforementioned meltdown.
This, is definitely not a photo op.
Or, wait a minute…unless it’s all part of her master plan! Show that she’s just like all those other moms! Her child has temper tantrums too! She’s just like me!
It’s brilliant!

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