Thursday, December 8, 2011

Celebrity Babies For Sale!

The whole idea of pimping out one’s baby is just crazy.
Perez Hilton reports that Jessica Simpson may have been denying pregnancy rumors for so long because she was waiting to be offered bug bucks for the exclusive story, but when she didn’t get any offers, she simply made the announcement herself.

“We all know pregnancy announcements are not a big a deal as the actually birth. Celebs have been known to rack in the doe from baby pics: Christina Aguilera allegedly received $2 million for pictures of her son, while J Lo is said to have pocketed a massive $6 million for pics of her twinzies. Will Jess cash in too?”
What I just can’t seem to get is how we decide what it is okay to sell or not sell!

Why does someone selling sex for money land a prostitute in jail?
Why does selling a baby sound horrendously horrible to us?
But we can hawk photos of a baby, who doesn’t choose to have their photos spread across the consciousnesses of millions, with no repercussions?
Is it right to make money off a baby?

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