Sunday, December 4, 2011

Suck It, Dr. Drew!

TMZ reports that Octomom (you knew she’d appear here sometime!) has been given another chance—this time by Dr. Drew. He’s offered to foot the tab for a year of childcare, house cleaning, and a six-month personal trainer certification.
My big question is, how has she been supporting herself in the meantime? The last I heard, she was going to lose her house. How does a single mom support fourteen children? Let alone drive them somewhere; she would need a bus.
While I think Dr. Drew’s offer is incredibly generous, I’m just thinking that perhaps there might be some ulterior motive, like, you know, free publicity. I’m sure there are lots of other single moms out there who would welcome the help, so why just Nadya Suleman, who offers Dr. Drew the most potential press? Hmmm…

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