Monday, December 19, 2011

Suck It, Baby Bump Watchers!

Thanks, Babble, for the exciting Katie Holmes possible news.

You know it’s a slow Celebrity Mom news day when the big news is simply who might be hiding a baby bump.

So, all the news sites search through the week’s photos and decide who just might be wearing something loose and flowing or wearing a certain purse in a certain way across her belly as if to hide…what? A baby bump?

Hmm, don’t you think if an expectant mom really wanted to hide a baby bump she just might stay away from the cameras?

I’m lucky I’m not a celebrity otherwise I’d probably be accused of being pregnant every week with the clothes I wear…

Of course, it’s also a nice little publicity stunt. Is your image fading from the public eye? Are you female and of child-bearing age?

Don a flowy shirt or sling your purse across your midsection and pow! You’re in the news!

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