Thursday, December 22, 2011

Suck It, Celebrity Mom Saints!

The Grindstone asks: Should Megyn Kelly Really Be The Face Of Working Motherhood?

The Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly became a sort of representative for paid maternity leave during the summer when she took on a heckler during her show who called maternity leave “a racket.”

The Grindstone takes issue with the New York Times profile of her that they believe is “trying to convince us that she’s a typical working mom.”

They share Kelly's typical day’s schedule, which includes the usual mom stuff like nursing baby, going to work, and then spending family time. Yes, she can afford household help and has lots of benefits as a news anchor, but she still is experiencing the modern reality of balancing all the responsibilities of being a working mom.

I can understand some women’s frustration of her being hailed as some kind of modern wonder when this is what all working-outside-the-home moms do every day, but we aren’t celebrities.

Celebrity moms are seen and heard; all they need to do is hug their kid on the street in front of the paparazzi and they’re hailed as amazing, adoring moms.

What most of us do is behind the scenes. We need to praise ourselves. If most of us were celebrity moms, we would be hailed as Mother Theresas, too.

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