Monday, December 12, 2011

Suck It, Weight Watchers!

“Together, they’ll be mainstreaming the dangerous idea that immediate post-birth weight loss is healthy.”
The deal is supposedly worth 3 million. Not bad bank to get inspired to shed the baby weight.

I wonder how emotionally healthy it is though for Simpson to be setting herself up in advance of giving birth to be in the spotlight for something she hasn’t even accomplished yet.

It’s like reality TV is going into the future, assuming she’ll be able to shed the pounds successfully.

No offense meant to Simpson, but oh how I wish for her to be unable to shed those unwanted pounds! Oh, for her to come out of this with some horrible, unsightly stretch and wrinkle marks!

True, true. If that were to happen, the makeup pros and airbrushers would simply work overtime.

Sigh. But a girl can dream.

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