Friday, December 23, 2011

Suck It, Real-Mommy Haters!

Julie Ryan Evans reports on Café Mom’s The Stir that Carla Bruni, First Lady of France, “wants her booze and cigarettes back.”
Bruni said to La Pariseian: “Frankly, I cannot stand it. I have to stay sitting or lying most of the time, cannot smoke or drink wine. I cannot wait for it to end.”
I agree with Evans—leave it to a French woman to just say the truth, baby!
I totally applaud her honesty at saying how difficult it can be to be pregnant.
I personally don’t smoke or drink, but there were absolutely things I didn’t do that I wanted to while I was pregnant. Oh! I remember—we went ice skating with my daughter when I was pregnant with my son, but I was so huge (and not so good on skates) that I couldn’t risk falling on my belly.
I sat on the sidelines while everyone else swirled around. I wanted to skate! Yes, a silly example and yes, I survived, no great sacrifice, but a sacrifice nonetheless.
Just because someone is pregnant doesn’t mean they stop being human and having their own needs.
Contrary to what some celebrity moms may lead you to believe, you still remain yourself, not only when you’re pregnant, but when your baby arrives. And it's okay to say, "You know what? This whole mommy thing actually sucks sometimes!"
Actually, I think the challenge may be to find some way to hold onto our “smoking” or “drinking” or “ice skating” or whatever our pleasure may be when we become moms without guilt.
Say it with me…I’m more than a mom!
How do you manage to hold on to your individuality as a mom?

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