Friday, December 2, 2011

Mom Bloggers React To Steamy Ad

Perez Hilton makes a valid point about some racy ads that were hanging in Los Angeles for Manhunt (I can’t believe I just said that).
The ads feature two shirtless men moving in for a hot, steamy kiss and a lot of LA moms were upset about their children having to see the billboard countless times a day.
Perez Hilton agrees that the ad is pretty risqué for kids, but doesn’t believe moms would have made such a big stink over the ad if it had been a man and a woman moving in for the smooch.
These angry mommy bloggers need to be equal opportunity haters!
I try to be open and explain things in an age-appropriate way whenever my daughter asks. Where I live you don’t see openly gay couples involved in any PDA though. But I have looked for conversational opportunities to simply introduce the idea to her that there can be couples (like Mom and Dad) who are two boys or two girls.
For instance, when her Barbies were looking for dance partners and there was only one Ken to go around for twenty Barbies, I said, Well, there’s nothing wrong with two girls dancing together.
Hopefully, small mentions in nonjudgmental ways will prepare our kids for the myriad of couples they’ll see as they get older and help them appreciate and trust their own sense of uniqueness in the world.
And then if we do stumble upon a steamy, male-on-male billboard on our travels, it won’t seem so out-of-the-ordinary and may simply spark a conversation about whether ads like this should be placed where kids are likely to see them.
I agree that if we’re going to get upset about sexy billboards, we should be upset about it all. I suppose for some moms they’re not ready to have to explain all the fine details of differing sexual relationships.

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