Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suri's Little Wish List

I’m not sure how much credibility this Holly Baby Suri Cruise story has, but I think it goes back to the whole issue of everything being relative.
First of all, the reports I’m seeing on this story are questionably verified.
But apparently Tom and Katie’s five-year-old is asking for some big ticket items like a pony, princess gowns, and diamonds.
Well, isn’t that what every little girl wants for Christmas?
Wait a minute, a pony and princess garb? Yes. Diamonds? Huh?
Well, I guess if you see your mom wearing lots of pretty, sparkly things, you’re going to want some, too.
And while I’m hearing that Suri’s wish list costs the upwards of $100,000, to the Cruise-Holmes that’s probably not such a big deal. I mean, who’s to say we wouldn’t have fun spending a lot on our own kids if we could?

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