Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian's Mommy Lesson!

Oh my goodness, all you moms out there! Perezito’s has a link to the most awesome mommy vlog like, ever! You must rush on over and view Kourtney Kardashian's lesson in making baby food.

It’s like, soo instructive. Like where she explains how to tell if a fruit is organic—there are actually little stickers on the fruit! And, now look close, yes—it says “organic”!

Wow, thanks, Kourtney!

And then, you like, you know, put the fruit or vegetable in this little machine that, you know, steams it for you. And now here’s the tricky part: take the steamed fruit and put it in the other side, which will puree it for you.

Amazing! Homemade baby food!

Wow! I can’t wait for her next gem of instruction!


  1. I love how she still talking about making baby food, but it seems like she never used the machine before. I hate these people!