Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spend It Like Beckham!

Celebrity Baby Scoop sheds light on how expensive it is to dress a celebrity baby.
Harper looked cute as a button when we saw her this past weekend, sporting a Little Marc Jacobs Isis Even Stripe Dress ($119) and a pair of Chloe tights ($50) as she and Victoria arrived at LAX airport.
It’s quite hard to say. In my present state of mind, I think, oh my goodness, no! Why would I spend $50 on a pair of baby tights? One hundred dollars for a dress my child might wear once and then barf on?
But, who am I to judge? Perhaps I, too, would want to enwrap my baby in expensive, haute couture.
And I’m sure there are those who would scoff at my buying a $5 cup of Starbucks every day. It’s all relative.
But is there a point where we say, that’s just too expensive for a child’s clothing? Too much for a cup of coffee? What’s the tipping point?
Before I jump the gun and simply say, Suck It, Beckhams, I pause to consider if I might spend that much money on dressing my baby if I were in the same tax bracket as the Beckhams.


  1. You have to consider the embarrassment of being seen (or perhaps the difficulty of hiding from the paparazzi) in a "normal" place to buy baby tights, such as Gymboree or, I don't know, Target. Your tax-bracket consideration rings true, I'm sure -- $50 tights/$5 difference for the Beckhams. *sigh* Do you really spend $5 on coffee each day? Just kidding.

  2. Ah, yes! The embarrassment of Target! (Man, I LOVE Target!)

    And, no, not $5, but close enough!