Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photo Ops for the Holidays!

Holly Baby has proof that even fabulously wealthy people shop at The Children’s Place!
Tori Spelling took her kids for a great photo op—I mean, shopping spree in LA.
As a way to show the world that she’s not above shopping where the little people shop, Tori toted her kids along to demonstrate how down-to-earth she can be. Not only that, but this photo op—there I go again, sorry!—this shopping trip also demonstrated how thoughtful her kids are because they loved picking out stuff for their little baby sister!
Way to raise your kids, Mom! Thrifty and caring!
Then the family strolled down the block to Fancy Schmancy Expensive Clothes Store to have photos taken of them buying $2,000 shirts and—oh wait, I mean, no—No cameras! No cameras!

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