Monday, May 14, 2012

Celebrity Moms Setting What Kind of Example?

Clearly there’s some misunderstanding amongst celebrity moms.

Instead of putting down other moms, we should be helping each other out.

Nadya Suleman felt the need to point her finger at another mom, Patricia Krentcil, the mom accused of bringing her daughter into a tanning booth.

According to TMZ, “Octo, fully clothed, said she doesn't feel that Patricia Krentcil should lose her kids, but she does feel Child Protective Services should step in to give Krentcil some parenting tips.”

Of course, TMZ does not help by shortening Nadya Suleman’s already questionable nickname to simply “Octo,” but is Suleman just joining the naming party?

And if what Krentcil says is true, that she would never take her fair-skinned daughter tanning, then does what she does (or overdoes) to her own body have anything to do with what kind of mother she is?

Just as I would ask, does what Suleman does to put food on the table have anything to do with her parenting abilities?

Is there a way for mothers to lend support to each other without the need of tearing other mothers down?

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