Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jessica Alba Feels Like One Sexy Mom

iVillage’s CelebVillage reports: Jessica Alba: I Feel Sexier Since Becoming a Mom.

Alba writes on her blog that motherhood makes her “feel more confident and secure than I ever did in my 20s.” 

I find her thoughts to be extremely empowering and so motivating. She expresses the feelings I long to truly have about my self. I don’t think I’m quite there yet though.

“It’s really amazing how your perspective shifts and your definition of sexy evolves once you become a mother. Before having Honor and Haven, I was super-critical of my looks and worried more about inevitable changes to my body. I couldn’t even say the word “sexy” to describe myself without feeling funny and awkward.

But becoming a mom has definitely made me feel more confident and secure than I ever did in my 20s. Even though I can’t ever get down to my pre-baby weight before having Honor, my jeans don’t zip up the same way, and things just hang differently (all moms know how that goes!), I feel completely comfortable in my skin and my idea of perfection has changed. I don’t really care about my body image anymore because it just doesn’t matter now that I have children. Instead, I focus on my health, feeling strong, and making sure I’m up and running so I can spend that all-important time with the girls.

Having babies also helped me embrace my sexuality. Up until then, I was quite shy about it. But once I experienced how incredible and amazing it was to create a life, it was empowering. Now, I feel freer to express myself and just be me. Through motherhood I really came into my own and, for me, feeling sexy is all about this type of comfort, confidence, and true happiness.”

I can definitely agree that I feel much better about my body image since becoming a mother. I do feel better about how I look regardless of how I actually look.

I love the idea of allowing “having babies” to be used to “embrace” our sexual selves. For me, it has been more of a struggle of seeing myself as sexy and really feeling it now that my biggest role is mother.

I’m often so overwhelmed and tired that I don’t have time to feel sexy. I’ve got to try focusing on the whole empowerment-of-birth angle and see what happens!

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