Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Makes a Good Reality TV Family?

Celebrity Baby Scoop brings us the unexpected celebrity mom news of, wait for it…good news!
Former reality television star Kate Gosselin reports that things are going well between her and her ex-husband Jon and that the kids notice it and are so happy.
Gosselin also says that the kids are missing the whole TV thing and that the family might have some projects up their many sleeves.
It just makes me think more about families and reality television. What makes one family more interesting to watch than another? Just having a large brood does not make a necessarily interesting family.
"We're hoping to move forward and do more projects," she reveals. "Fans are begging [to see more]. 'They've grown up, they turned eight. What are you doing [now]?'"
"Everyone is excelling school across the board," the proud mom gushes. "We've had a great school year."
I’d like to see some reality television show all about different families and how they live. We could probably learn a lot about parenting by watching an overview of different parenting styles.

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