Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photographing Celebrity Moms' Kids

Another day in the life of a celebrity mom simply trying to pick up her child from school without being harassed by paparazzi.

"It is inappropriate for these people to stalk a child's school everyday," a source close to Berry tells E! News, "these people" being the paparazzi who chronicle an awful lot of Berry's comings and goings.

"They pushed too far [today]," the source added. "Halle felt that her daughter was being threatened. Having words with someone who is stalking your family is not out of line."

I understand it’s legal to photograph people in the public, but it seems like there needs to be some sort of exception when children are involved.

This is a prime example of intrusion of privacy. Just because someone is a celebrity it shouldn’t make it legal to photograph their children.

Think about it. If you were suddenly hounded by photographers when you picked up your children at school, wouldn’t you be like, Get away from my children!?

I can understand public figures having their photos taken, but it really seems like there is some line being crossed when children can be photographed at any time they are in public. Isn’t this potentially harmful for kids?

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