Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Celebrity Momster's Stripper Baby Photo?

So there’s a stripper baby photo circulating around. I’m not sure who posted it or where exactly it began, but I do know it gives me the creeps.

Now, I’m usually all about supporting mothers in all of their unique parenting methods, but this photo gives me pause. Sometimes, I guess, I just need to say, eww.

At the moment, this mother, or whoever she is, remains nameless, but I wonder what would happen if it came out that she was a Celebrity Momster.

I’m curious if the Internet reaction would be different if this was a Cindy Crawford or a Tori Spelling (remember that baby turkey costume?!) or a Beyonce Knowles posting their baby dressed like this.

Would fans find a well-taken, stylized shot of a Celebrity Momster baby dressed as a stripper cute and funny? While an unknown mother snapping a quick shot in her living room is deemed inappropriate?

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