Monday, April 16, 2012

Playboy Mansion Hosts an Easter Egg Hunt?!

Wow, am I getting to be an old fuddy-duddy or what?

I read Us Magazine’s piece: Jenny McCarthy's Son, 9:“I Like Pretty Chicks,” and was kind of in shock.
I didn’t know that the Playboy mansion had an annual Easter egg hunt and that children frolic around on the estate. But they do.

Jenny McCarthy took her son Evan to the event that supported McCarthy's charity, Generation Rescue, which is dedicated to helping children with autism spectrum disorders. McCarthy’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2005.

“McCarthy said she lost Evan for "probably 45 minutes" in the Mansion -- ultimately finding him hanging out in the infamous Grotto.

"And I went in there and he's laying there going, 'Hey.' And I said, 'Yeah?' and he said, 'You know I like chicks, right?' And I said, 'That's great!' And he goes, 'I like pretty chicks.' So I said, 'Awesome!' "

Evan then announced, "I just thought I'd come out and tell you."”

I’m just kind of all like, flustered. I think it’s great that Hefner would do something so kid-friendly and all, but I’m kind of skeeved out at the same time. I don’t know. Is the playboy mansion really such a great spot for an Easter egg hunt?

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