Friday, April 27, 2012

Is Snookie a Fat Bully?

So interesting to really see celebrity moms’ personalities come shining through so clearly when talking about their babies.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi explained to UsMagazine how her baby will definitely be a “Jersey” baby meaning the poor child will be forced into Guido or Guidette fashions soon upon arrival.

But it’s another comment she made regarding Jessica Simpson that made me cringe: "I would die if I were her size," Polizzi said.

Umm…why is it that pregnant women who gain more weight than others are seriously considered as being wrong? If we can’t lighten up about our bodies and other moms even during pregnancy, what hope do we have for normal body acceptance?

Good gravy! Every body is different and beautiful. Didn’t we learn this when we were kids? I can understand us all having our deeply entrenched mucked-up ideas about body image, but isn’t that something we usually either hide or talk about in hopes of healing it?

Are we really still at a place and time where we think it’s funny to make jokes about peoples’ bodies? Doesn’t that kind of fall into this whole category of bullying, which I thought people were against?

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