Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vanessa Lachey is Pro-Celebrity Mom

Vanessa Lachey her husband Nick Lachey are expecting a baby together.
Lachey has already come forward to set the record straight about what she thinks about Celebrity Momsters in the news:
"No one can tell anybody how to mother until you're a mother -- and everyone has their own methods and I think it's beautiful that these celebrity moms are doing what they're doing unapologetically because it's their child and it's their life. I just wish that as a society we could just commend them for being mothers."
I think Lachey says it really well. We need to celebrate all mothers and styles of mothering and see what we can learn from each other.
One mom’s way of feeding her child may not be right for us and our child, but it doesn’t make it wrong.
It’s easy enough to see why pre-chewing one’s baby’s food could be seen as a really sensible way to feed a baby to me, but I know others would argue it could be harmful. And I’m sure both sides could find experts to argue their position.
In the end, we need to let parents do what is best for their family without judgment.
Except, of course, for clearly creepy things like dressing their babies like strippers!
OK, so I’ve still got judgments, too…

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