Monday, April 23, 2012

Christina Applegate Still Rocks Maternity Jeans

Wahoo! I love this idea of sharing what maternity clothes moms still wear long after their pregnancies have ended.

Ivillage reports on Christina Applegate, an awesome Celebrity Momster, who admits that a year after baby, "I still wear maternity jeans," she told US Weekly. "They're so comfortable." 

I have an awesome cream-colored silky maternity sweater I got from Target that I still wear. I actually remember buying it and thinking, this doesn’t look like a maternity sweater! I’m totally going to be able to wear this after baby!

And it’s so true that some of my maternity shorts with the little stretchy waistband are totally cute and may end up slung around my hips this summer. Of course, this ability to wear maternity fashions postpartum may have a little bit to do with how cute and stylish maternity clothes have become.

When I think about the maternity wear my mother had to endure, I don’t think I’d be caught wearing a tent dress even when I was pregnant…

What maternity items do you still wear?

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