Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nadya Suleman's Troubles Continue

In the latest Octomom news, Nadya Sulemon is the center of an investigation into her children’s welfare.

TMZ has posted pictures of Suleman’s house taken by her longtime friend and hairstylist who was concerned for the children when she went to style Suleman’s hair.

I will agree that some of the photos are troublesome, but the La Habra cops and the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services investigated and found that the children were safe.

One picture shows two children pooping in a portable training toilet in the backyard. We're told the plumbing in the house is shot, and only one toilet is operational. 

Another photo shows Octo just after she got her hair done. What's shocking is that she locked her kids in the bedroom by propping a chair against the door so they couldn't get out.

Yet another pic shows the children's bedroom, with 2 cribs and a mattress. Stephanie told cops some of the kids are forced to sleep on the floor.

And there's more ... a pic shows some of the kids in the backyard, barefoot, dirty and wearing no pants.

The part about the no pants doesn’t really seem to spell trouble to me. I often let my kids run around the house pantless if they wish.

I guess this all is most disturbing because Suleman is on public assistance and in serious money trouble but she is willing to spend five-hundred-dollars on a haircut.

Honestly, I can’t imagine what Suleman’s daily life must be like. It doesn’t really seem humanly possible to care for that many kids by oneself without them running around a little bit dirty once in a while.

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