Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FYI: Tori Spelling Is Fertile

How much Celebrity Momster information is too much?

Tori Spelling Is "Super Fertile,"According to Husband Dean McDermott announces Us Magzine.

So, just in case anyone was wondering, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have lots of sex and they’re both fertile and virile people.

And I’m quoting here: "She's just super fertile," her husband Dean McDermott says.

And Spelling was quick to point out recently that her husband is unstoppable when it comes to making babies.

I don’t know. How does hearing that other couples have lots of sex make you feel? Queezed out or ready to get in on some of the action, too?

And just to reassure us that we’ll not only get to hear about their baby-making but their actual babies’ lives, too, McDermott reassures fans that all their kids will be on display for all to see in their latest reality show: "Tori and I love the fact that we get to work together," he explains. "We get to work with Liam and Stella; we get to stay together as a family. As long as people want to see us, w'ell keep making the show."

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