Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kelly Preston on Breastfeeding

It always amazes me that women can be each other’s worst enemies. 

Why do we feel such a need to judge other parenting ways as wrong instead of just different?

Celebrity Momster Kelly Preston is the latest to ignite a flame war within comments on People’s article: Kelly Preston:Breastfeeding Brings Closeness.

“He’ll come up and point and go, ‘Mama, more,’” says Preston. “It’s so cute!”

Preston still breastfeeds her 16-month-old son Benjamin and critics jumped onto the fact that her son is old enough to ask for nursing, so he then must be old enough to not need to nurse anymore.

Some commentators were quick to point out the error in that logic:

All babies ask for it, as a newborn they cry. As a toddler they speak. Since YOU can ask for your favorite dish should you also be denied?


Not sure where this “If they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old for it” mantra came from. Someone said it, thought it was funny, and now everyone says it as though they are stating a fact backed up with empirical evidence. And does this mean kids with learning delays who talk later should breastfeed until they are three while others should stop at one?

Why can’t we just accept that mothers nursing their babies or toddlers is fine, healthy, and perfectly normal.
It doesn’t mean that every mother needs to do it, but why are mothers so quick to jump down the throats of other mothers just doing what’s best for their family?

Why do mothers feel the need to have the right and only answer when it comes to parenting?

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